ver 3.0.1

Release date

2024-04-14 (JST)

Reveal.js version

5.1.0 (updated)

(None updates for features)

ver 3.0.0

Release date


Reveal.js version

5.0.5 (updated)

Breaking changes

  • Dropped old Python and Sphinx versions.

  • Change path of bundled revealjs path.

  • The builder outputs everything in the “vertical slide” format.

  • Builder does not generate section element for level-4 sections.


  • Add new directive revealjs-vertical .

  • Section directives accepts any data- attributes. ( revealjs-section , revealjs-break and revealjs-vertical )

  • Add wrapper function to get bundled revealjs path.

  • Add new html-theme revealjs-simple that render minimum style reveal.js (Default theme is named revealjs-basic )


  • revealjs-break splits pages in vertical slides when it is added to top of section.