Versioning policy




This is possibility to change without announces.

Base rules

sphinx-revealjs releases based from Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.

  • Update major version with:

    • Drop or changed configuration variables

    • Have big changes of generated contents by new Reveal.js

    • Breaking changes for setup-level requirements

  • Update minor version with:

    • Update marks for deprecated (wraning level)

    • Add new features (include inner extensions)

    • Add supporing dependencies

    • Drop supporing dependencies (not change setup-level)

    • Change major version of Reveal.js, but it need not update as major version

    • Change minor version of Reveal.js

    • Change compononents by misc reasons

  • Update patch version with:

    • Mark deprecated notice

    • Fixed bugs

    • Change patch version of Reveal.js

Following dependencies


sphinx-revealjs supports only “Living” versions for as of first of year.

“Living” means that it have not published last security-only releases. “Not living” means that it is finished to published security-only releases.

  1. Wnen some version of CPython released “last security-only release”, sphinx-revealjs will release with marks deprecated notice-level at upcoming (patch version).

  2. When sphinx-revealjs releases new minor version after 2 month from version with marked deprecated notice, this will drop old versions from everywhere and depricated warning (minor versoin).

  3. If sphinx-revealjs must only use specify version, this will set python_requires and release new versoin (major or minor version).




sphinx-revealjs bundles stable version.

  1. When Reveal.js is released as patch version, sphinx-revealjs bundles new version and releases as patch version at upcoming.

  2. When Reveal.js is released as minor version, sphinx-revealjs bundles new version and releases as minor version at upcoming. It is possibility to include adding options for new version.

  3. When Reveal.js is released as major version, I will check compatibility for configuration of extension.

  • If I have decise to need breaking change, sphinx-revealjs will release as major version.

  • if it need not change or only add configuration, sphinx-revealjs will release as minor versoin. sphinx-revealjs bundles new version and releases as patch version at upcoming.